ASUS to join the Nexus?

Asus LogoThe latest news on the blogosphere is that Asus are to be the new darling of Google in the launch of the first Nexus branded tablet.  Asus already had a tablet kicking about in a 7″ form factor and at a nice price point for the buying public at $249, although it has not yet hit the shelves.  It would appear that Google might want to go one better, shaving $50 off the price and rebranding it into a Nexus.  This then puts 3 tablets head-to-head, The Kindle Fire (and if rumour would have it Kindle Fire 2), the iPad ‘Mini’ or whatever they want to call it and Google’s latest offspring from a union with Asus.  There is still all to play for in this market with Apple having the lions share but the Fire from Amazon showing that there are buyers out there if the price is right.  If Google could launch internationally with a Nexus tablet at $199 anything could happen!  Amazon has so far sat on its hands regarding international availability of the Fire…….we in the UK are still waiting on what happens next.


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