‘Suprising’ Samsung numbers…..explained?!?

Some interesting news from the witch drowning court case between Samsung and Apple.  It would appear from the sales figures that the best selling phone from Sammie is the…..drumroll please……Samsung Galaxy Prevail!  OK I know you are probably thinking the same as Gizmodo, whats that piece of crap.  Let me try to explain something that the bloggers and news sources seem to be missing.

Once upon a time there were a lot of devices which we now call feature phones, these are basically ‘crap’ compared to anything made within the last 5 years.  Now think about your folks, your grandparents, old Mrs Smith from number 45, most of them probably have a feature phone and like all good ol folk they want to keep it because ‘There is nothing wrong with it, it makes calls and I can text’.  These people aren’t changing for anybody, the cash in their pocket is more important than some shiny Apple logo or marketing lights.

Roll on a couple of years and the feature phones are a disappearing race.  Now the lower end of the market features cheapy Android devices, and lo and behold the Galaxy Prevail shows its face.  All those millions of feature phones that have sat in dusty desk drawers for years are now being replaced due to failure, bad batteries, whiny kids telling there Mums to ‘get with it’.  The first thing old Mrs Smith from number 45 does is the old ‘sort by price’ and buys the cheapy phone whilst thinking I am getting all this new touch screen stuff and a colour screen, its all win win.

Now this is just my theory, carriers are pushing Smartphones for the obvious cash cow of data and feature phones are dropping out of the bottom slot as they target third world markets to keep the money rolling in for the likes of Nokia.  This leaves an obvious market to be sell to and Samsung are no Apple, they will sell to anyone who will buy and make devices for all sections of the market.

Mrs Smith has her smartphones, carriers have more smartphones out there using data (hopefully) and Samsung are selling a boatload of devices at the bottom end of the smartphone segment, hats off to them they know their target audiences.


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