New Google Media Streamer Coming

ImageLatest news hitting the Tech sites is that a new streamer from Google is coming.  Sites are saying this could be the replacement for the Nexus Q that never made it to release.  Sites are saying this is the hardware to go along with the new ‘All Access’ Spotify-esque product that was released at Google IO last week.

My take on this is a little different, we have an updated Play Books with file upload functionality and a restyled interface, a new Play Music with extra features and a restyled interface, amendments to Google+ to match a new interface.  What we dont have is a new restyled Play Movies…..

So is there more changes afoot on Play for Movies.  I think so.  Play Movies hasn’t exactly broken new ground and the TV shows portion has only released in the US.  I think Google are ready to do something new with Movies to expand its reach.

What do I have to back this up?  A few small things that kind of add up

  1. From documents at the FCC we can tell the device was tested on a Dell monitor, odd if this is only a music device?
  2. The device is listed as a media device, not just music.
  3. Play Movies wasn’t updated with a matching interface to its sister apps, why not?
  4. Finally, no news at IO on Play Movies or Google TV.

Just guessing here but it all makes sense.