Android Market = Google Play

Google PlayGoogle have made another step in the world of digital delivery.  The Android Market has now become Google Play, you get to ‘play music’, ‘play movies’, ‘play apps’…..and…….’play books’.  OK so its not great but it does remove the Android which means it won’t all be about Android going forward?  From the video Google posted up it would seem like that’s their thinking.  Consuming movies and books across platforms as you go about your day-to-day tasks.  Now sort out Google TV and get it launched across the pond!  As for the logo, well its a play icon and not too shabby if I do say so myself.  Watch this space I am sure Google has more up its sleeve.


Lync Client for Android Updated!

Lync IconMicrosoft finally did the right thing and updated the Android Lync Client.  This version brings the much coveted ‘call via work’ option to the Android platform and gives Microsoft some kudos for bringing it up to date after the last deadline left the Android Lync client lacking some features.  More testing to come……now we just need a call via Wifi option please MS!Android Market Logo