New Google Media Streamer Coming

ImageLatest news hitting the Tech sites is that a new streamer from Google is coming.  Sites are saying this could be the replacement for the Nexus Q that never made it to release.  Sites are saying this is the hardware to go along with the new ‘All Access’ Spotify-esque product that was released at Google IO last week.

My take on this is a little different, we have an updated Play Books with file upload functionality and a restyled interface, a new Play Music with extra features and a restyled interface, amendments to Google+ to match a new interface.  What we dont have is a new restyled Play Movies…..

So is there more changes afoot on Play for Movies.  I think so.  Play Movies hasn’t exactly broken new ground and the TV shows portion has only released in the US.  I think Google are ready to do something new with Movies to expand its reach.

What do I have to back this up?  A few small things that kind of add up

  1. From documents at the FCC we can tell the device was tested on a Dell monitor, odd if this is only a music device?
  2. The device is listed as a media device, not just music.
  3. Play Movies wasn’t updated with a matching interface to its sister apps, why not?
  4. Finally, no news at IO on Play Movies or Google TV.

Just guessing here but it all makes sense.


Android Market = Google Play

Google PlayGoogle have made another step in the world of digital delivery.  The Android Market has now become Google Play, you get to ‘play music’, ‘play movies’, ‘play apps’…..and…….’play books’.  OK so its not great but it does remove the Android which means it won’t all be about Android going forward?  From the video Google posted up it would seem like that’s their thinking.  Consuming movies and books across platforms as you go about your day-to-day tasks.  Now sort out Google TV and get it launched across the pond!  As for the logo, well its a play icon and not too shabby if I do say so myself.  Watch this space I am sure Google has more up its sleeve.